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Effortless AI-powered Checkout

The future of retail shopping is here

Detects items instantly

Auto detect items instantly with the cart’s 4 Computer Vision enabled basket cameras. Items are added to the digital shopping list automatically. Shoppers can toss items into their cart naturally, no barcode scanning necessary.

Scanless from day 1

Leveraging our state-of-the-art computer vision database with 20million+ images and state-of-art deep learning algorithms, the Caper Cart can seamlessly enhance the shopping journey from day 1 without the need to collect item images.

Interactive in-store shopping

The screen mounted on the cart is a portal to interacting with your customers live in-store. Shoppers can see basket-based recommendations, nearby deals and other interactive digital experiences.

Weights & Measures Certified

Certified by government regulatory bodies to measure items priced by weight directly in the cart.

Coming Soon

Smart Location Sensors

Customers would be able to search and be guided to where items are in the store, and retailers can gain insightful data about shopper behavior!
The sky’s the limit, welcome to

The Future Caper Ecosystem

Follow the shopping journey
Full transparency into your customer’s entire shopping journey from entering your store to the car.
BI and Data Monetization
Extract data from customer’s shopping journey for store layouts and inventory management
Personalized Deals and Promotions
Based on shopper data, provide a tailored shopping experience
Digitized Physical Store Experience
In-store navigation, item finder, advertising platform
Out of Stock Detection
Get alerted when store items go out of stock.
Shopper App
Shopping list, historical transactions, payment management

In deployment around the world

FoodCellar, NYC

"The Caper cart helps put customers in total control of their shopping. It’s very user friendly: No lines, no registers.

What matters is that customers are not only impressed by the technology, but are also excited to use it in their day to day lives."

Sobeys, HQ

VP of Retail Support
"This is a unique way for us to test innovative new technologies aimed at enhancing the customer shopping experience and learn how best to make it faster and easier.

The carts will also give our in-store teammates more time to interact with customers and answer questions about food and new products."


1. Do I need to change my POS system?
There's no need to change your POS. The Caper Cart integrates with your current systems. Think of it as an extension of your current POS, where promotional and sales data flows in real-time.
2. Does the Caper Cart require modifications to my store?
The Caper Cart requires no renovations to your store, or overhauls to your operations. All of our game-changing software, sensors, and AI cameras, are built into the cart, so you simply plug, play, and scale!
3. Can I still use my current payment processor?
Yes. Your current payment processor's details are added to the Caper Cart, for seamless payments, whether it be credit, debit, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.
4. Will customers still be able to use their loyalty cards?
Absolutely. In fact, they'll probably be using them even more! Your loyalty program will be front and centre when customers begin shopping with the Caper Carts!
5. Can the Caper Carts be taken outside?
Yes. The Caper Cart are built to last and IP-X5 certified, allowing your customers to take them out to the parking lot, no matter the weather conditions.


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