Caper Carts Model 3 vs. Model 3 Scan: A Smart Shopping Carts Comparison

Which Caper Cart is right for your stores? Use our smart shopping carts comparison to choose between the Model 3 and the Model 3 Scan. 

The future of grocery is omnichannel

Omnichannel shopping is growing in importance at brick-and-mortar locations nationwide. It’s a user-friendly digital movement that spells convenience for consumers — and limitless potential for grocers. But what’s a tried-and-true method for activating omnichannel shopping in stores?

That’s where connected grocery technology comes in. Connected technology is built to streamline in-store shopping experiences with digital features that save time and resources. A consumer using an omnichannel solution like Scan & Pay, for example, skips the checkout line, preventing end-journey bottlenecking — and that consumer encounters upsell promotions via their smart device. 

There’s a growing suite of connected technology solutions at grocers’ fingertips, and Caper Carts can activate new opportunities in a massive way. Caper Carts are AI-powered smart shopping carts that make omnichannel shopping a reality for grocers of all sizes. The latest models — the M3 and the M3 Scan — empower consumers and grocers alike to enjoy engaging shopping trips and boosted bottom lines. In fact, consumers using Caper Carts spend an average of 30 minutes shopping in stores.

But which model is right for your business? We’ve created a smart shopping carts comparison to help you explore the differences between the M3 and the M3 Scan.

Amplify engagement with Caper Carts

Conducting a smart shopping carts comparison makes it clear: Both Caper Carts models seamlessly integrate with existing operations and technology, which can launch stores into an interconnected ecosystem like never before. 

Let’s take a closer look at the value that Caper Carts create.

Personalized advertising

Using loyalty programs and Ads on Caper, Caper Carts help grocers activate a new revenue stream by delighting consumers with relevant offers on the screen the entire time they’re shopping.

Affinity-building features

Caper Carts make shopping feel like magic — and encourage return visits — with a variety of consumer-friendly features such as:

  • In-store navigation
  • Digital coupon clipping
  • Instacart list syncing
  • Gamified discounts with virtual wheel spinning

Streamlined management

With intuitive features like stacked charging and remote management, Caper Carts reduce day-to-day complexity for your in-store staff. 

Good company

Retailers across the United States and Canada already deploy Caper Carts and see promising results from the integration. Whichever model you choose, you can feel confident joining the ranks of leading grocery chains who experience the omnichannel power of connected grocery technology. 

Make your choice today

Caper Carts are leading the smart shopping carts industry. Streamlined in-store capabilities and consumer-approved shopping enhancements make both Caper Carts models a top choice for grocers conducting a smart shopping carts comparison. 

Whether you’re going all in with the M3, trialing the M3 Scan or deploying a combination of both models, you’ll see boosted engagement when you bring Caper Carts into your stores. 

Ready to get started? Learn even more about Caper Carts features that elevate omnichannel shopping experiences!

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