The future of 
shopping carts is here

Caper Cart

Net Promoter Score*


faster in-store experience*


in labor savings per transaction*


increased basket size*

bag of groceries

Drive revenue

Enjoy incremental customer spend with larger baskets during shops, more frequent trips and omnichannel conversions that increase LTV of each customer.

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Reduce operating costs

Reposition your staff to specialized roles, reduce your labor costs, and improve your customer service — all without the need for advanced training.

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Customer satisfaction

Drive retention with drastically reduced checkout times, major payment options built into every cart, and optional loyalty account login, couponing, and gamification capabilities.

Make shopping seamless for your customers

Caper Cart icon
Step 1

Start shopping

Simply grab a cart and go (no app download necessary).

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Step 2

Add items

Place or weigh items in the cart to add to your basket.

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Step 3

Pay & go

Pay for your items on the cart and leave the store.

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Step 4

Digital receipts

Receive your digital receipt via text or email.

Caper Cart Smart Cart

Recognizes items instantly

Customers place items naturally in the cart and Caper’s AI instantly recognizes what has been added or removed.

Advanced loyalty and gamification capabilities

Unlock delightful customer experiences and encourage specific customer behaviors such as adding loyalty, spending more, purchasing private-label items. Enable customers to clip coupons directly on the cart.

Caper Cart screen

Synced shopping lists

Customers can sync their shopping lists from Instacart’s App or their favorite grocer’s Storefront Pro-powered website directly to a Caper Cart by scanning a QR code.

Caper Cart Screen

Personalized discovery

Surprise and delight your customers with product recommendations to drive customer loyalty and incremental sales.

Caper Carts

All-day battery

No more charging carts individually or swapping out batteries. Caper will last throughout the day and continue to be charged between uses while parked with stacked charging technology.

Caper Carts

Rated for operation in any weather

Pressure tested against heat, cold, rain, and dust. Carts can withstand anything the parking lot throws at them until they are returned in-store.

Caper Cart

Lighter and bigger

Slimmer, lighter, and holds 65% more than prior models to support shops of all sizes. Customers love the ergonomic frame and larger basket size.

Supermarket shelves

Seamless launch

Leverage Instacart’s playbook to successfully launch and grow customer usage. Our team partners closely with yours, lending support in-store to successfully integrate into store operations and drive customer engagement.

Getting started 
with Caper Carts is easy

Our team helps you every step of the way.

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Step 1

Meet with our team

Explore your unique needs and requirements, and how Caper Carts can meet them.

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Step 2

Integrate your systems

Connect Caper to your POS, inventory and other important systems.

Caper Cart Smart Cart
Step 3

Prepare your launch

Train your team, install in-store signage and receive your Caper Carts.

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Step 4

Caper Carts live!

Congratulations! Watch your revenue and customer satisfaction grow.


Do I need to change my POS system?

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Does the Caper Cart require modifications to my store?

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Can I still use my current payment processor?

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Will customers still be able to use their loyalty cards?

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Can the Caper Carts be taken outside?

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How long does it take to charge the battery?

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How long does the battery last?

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How do you prevent theft?

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*Net Promoter Score (NPS) is based off non-incentivized customer survey responses overly quarterly usage of Caper Carts at various retailer stores. Claims are based on an average of in-market results across consumer and retailer employee behaviors. Retailer-specific results may vary.

Transform your shopping experience

Reduce wait times, drive revenue and delight your customers with Caper Carts.