What is Instacart’s Connected Store & How Does Caper Fit In?

Instacart has emerged as the leader in grocery technology in North America, starting first as a grocery delivery app and building on its long history enabling retailers, it launched Instacart Platform, giving retailers a full suite of technology solutions to digitize their business. To capitalize on Instacart’s last decade of bringing retailers online, Connected Stores was created: a collection of business products aimed at giving retailers powerful, integrated technology to deliver a seamless and personalized omnichannel shopping experience to customers. Caper Carts are an integral part of Connected Stores, bringing an impactful solution to a vastly untouched part of the grocery shopping journey - the shopping cart. Continue reading to learn about each Connected Stores product and how the Caper Cart fits in.

What products are a part of Connected Stores?

Instacart’s Connected Stores products are modular and integrated to ensure each retailer can take advantage of the right products for their operations. Retailers are also able to add on other tool a when expanding, able to compound on their investment with products that connect and work through the same platform. Below are the details on the nine products that make up Connected Stores:

1) Caper Cart

Caper Carts are Instacart’s AI-powered smart shopping carts. These smart carts help unify the online and in-store experience for customers, making shopping an adventure. The Caper Cart screen helps customers navigate the store, providing personalized product recommendations based on what’s in the cart. Additionally, Caper Carts have anti-theft capabilities with a built-in scale and basket auditing features. Retailers can easily plug and play with Caper Carts, as they can integrate into existing operations and customer patterns, helping drive incremental customer spend, building brand loyalty and increasing labor efficiency.

2) FoodStorm

FoodStorm is Instacart’s order management system, helping retailers streamline their prepared foods operations, digitize their processes and increase sales. FoodStorm delivers powerful omnichannel ordering capabilities for customers, helping reduce wait times and open new sales channels, while giving retailers tools to fulfill more orders, unlock broader assortment such as deli, made-to-order meals, even custom cakes. FoodStorm improves operational efficiency and back-of-house visibility.

3) Scan & Pay

Scan & Pay is Instacart’s self-checkout solution used directly on customers’ personal smart phones. Scan & Pay allows customers to seamlessly shop, scan and pay with their own device, helping fight shrink with AI and machine learning-based fraud detection solutions. Scan & Pay also links items customers buy in-store to their online Instacart account, giving retailers unique insights into their omnichannel customer behaviors.

4) In-Store on Instacart App and Storefront Pro

In-Store mode turns the Instacart App and Storefront Pro into a valuable companion for customers while they shop in person, making shopping more affordable, efficient and inspiring. Retailers can utilize In-Store mode to convert single-channel customers into omnichannel customers, with loyalty program engagement, personalized digital coupons, smart shopping lists, and even stock level checking for customers’ favorite items.  

5) Carrot Tags

Carrot Tags is Instacart’s software that connects retailers’ electronic shelf labels to the Instacart Platform. Carrot Tags offer pick-to-light capabilities, helping customers, store associates and Instacart Shoppers to more easily find the item they’re looking for, increasing e-commerce order found-rates and quality.Additionally, Carrot Tags allows retailers to display product information like dietary details or special offers, or display a QR code for additional information like recipes. 

6) Eversight

Eversight is Instacart’s AI-powered pricing software, helping retailers harness the power of continuous testing  while leveraging dynamic rules to help automate revenue growth with promotion and pricing tests. Eversight offers an easy retailer interface to drive business performance at scale across all channels, helping retailers achieve their omnichannel goals.

How does the Caper Cart fit into Connected Stores?

These smart carts are pivotal in knitting together an omnichannel commerce experience that is both seamless and enriched for customers. By integrating advanced technology directly into the shopping cart, Caper Carts facilitate a more interactive and efficient shopping journey for customers, simplifying the process through features like automatic item scanning, on-the-fly payment options, interactive gamification on the Caper screen, and now advertising capabilities to deliver targeted content to shoppers. On average, the Caper screen receives 30+ minutes of consumer engagement during their shopping trips. This not only empowers shoppers, but also streamlines operations for retailers, helping them to meet the evolving needs of their customers while ensuring an engaging and personalized in-store experience. Additionally, Caper Carts integrate into the broader Instacart ecosystem, including list syncing, loyalty program integration, Carrot Tags, FoodStorm and Ads creating amplified return on investment for retailers.

Partner with the industry’s leading Retailer Enablement Platform

Instacart is the leading grocery technology company in North America, partnering with more than 1,500 retail banners to deliver from more than 85,000 stores across more than 14,000 cities. If you’re interested in learning more about Connected Stores or specific products, submit a demo request form here. And to learn more about what Caper Carts can do for your grocery business, get in touch today.

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