Caper Cart 3

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The Cart's Evolution

Eliminating lines with seamless shopping and checkout right from the cart.

Caper Cart 1

Caper Cart 1

Enabled customers to skip the line by paying right on their shopping carts and proved an efficient checkout solution for retailers.
Caper Cart 2

Caper Cart 2

Brought scanless technology to the Caper Cart, meaning customers no longer need to scan every barcode and can shop naturally.

Caper Cart 3

A new generation, designed and built for customers and retailers.

Caper Cart 3 filled

Lighter and Bigger

Slimmer, lighter, and holds
more. Customers will love the more ergonomic frame and larger basket size.

Rated for Operation in any Weather

Pressure tested against heat, cold, rain, and dust. Carts can withstand anything the parking lot throws at them. Plus software is updated remotely for continuous improvement.
Caper Cart 3 filled
Caper Cart 3 with charger
Stacked Caper Cart 3 with portable charger

All Day Battery

No more charging carts individually or swapping out batteries. The cart will last throughout the day plus continues to be charged between uses while parked with stacked charging technology.

Recognizes Items Instantly

Customers just need to place items in the Caper Cart and our AI instantly recognizes what has been added or removed.
Caper Cart 3 identifying item
Caper Cart 3 with applies checked off shopping list

Synced Shopping Lists

With Lists, customers can sync their shopping lists from the Instacart App or their favorite grocer’s Storefront Pro-powered website directly to a Caper Cart by scanning a QR code.

Search and Discover

Customers can search for items directly on the cart and be directed to its actual location in the store. This improves operations, unlocks increased customer value, and allows associates to focus on delivering delightful experiences.
Caper Cart 3 search close up

Caper Carts in Action


1. Do I need to change my POS system?
There's no need to change your POS. The Caper Cart integrates with your current systems. Think of it as an extension of your current POS, where promotional and sales data flows in real-time.
2. Does the Caper Cart require modifications to my store?
The Caper Cart requires no renovations to your store, or overhauls to your operations. All of our game-changing software, sensors, and AI cameras, are built into the cart, so you simply plug, play, and scale!
3. Can I still use my current payment processor?
Yes. Your current payment processor's details are added to the Caper Cart, for seamless payments, whether it be credit, debit, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.
4. Will customers still be able to use their loyalty cards?
Absolutely. In fact, they'll probably be using them even more! Your loyalty program will be front and centre when customers begin shopping with the Caper Carts!
5. Can the Caper Carts be taken outside?
Yes. The Caper Cart are built to last and IP-X5 certified, allowing your customers to take them out to the parking lot, no matter the weather conditions.