Caper Counter 2

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Faster Checkout
Times on Average


Transactions per

Making grab-and-go faster.

Recognizes Items Instantly

Customers just need to place items in the Caper Counter and our AI instantly recognizes what has been added or removed.
Caper Counter M2 identifying items
Caper Counter model and credit card being tapped to pay.

Tap to pay and go

After tapping to pay, self-checkout is complete - start to finish in as few as 8 seconds.

Improve your Operation

Allow associates to focus on delivering delightful experiences.

Easily Adaptable

The Caper Counter’s fast transaction times mean it can handle concession rushes and grab-and-go transactions with equal ease. Meaning associates can connect with customers instead of trying to speed through the rush.

Payment Integrations

Allow customers to pay with their store rewards and earn more points by enabling payment options.

Daily Reports

Analyze transaction data to better understand customer behaviors and how to leverage the Caper Counter in your store.

Caper Counter in Action


1. How many items can customers place in the Caper Counter?
The Caper Counter is designed for express formats, such as C-Stores, Duty-Frees, and Gas Stations, where people want to be in and out- Fast! It's been designed to handle transactions of up to 10 items.
2.  Does the Caper Counter require modifications to my store?
The Caper Counter requires no renovations to your store, or overhauls to your operations. All of our game-changing software, sensors, and AI cameras, are built into the unit, so you simply plug, play, and scale!
3.  Can I still use my current payment processor?
Yes. Your current payment processor's details are added to the Caper Counter, for seamless payments, whether it be credit, debit, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.
4.  Do I need to change my POS system?
There's no need to change your POS. The Caper Counter integrates with your current systems. Think of it as an extension of your current POS, where promotional and sales data flows in real-time.